Update 1.8.0

Whats new:

  • optimize lots of things(smaller download size and faster initial loading)
  • added few chest in levels
  • there new secret with chests (look for hints)
  • redrawn some enemies (ex.evil hands,satan)
  • improved animation on some enemies and our knight(ex.ghosts,woody pigs,efreeti,satan)
  • some new background details (ex.fire descent)
  • increased vertical size of fire boss  arena
  • increased hurtbox on few enemies (ex.mimics,fire skull)
  • improved/nerfed enemies spawn code (flying enemy's will spawn form opposite direction if close to screen side - ex. bats,crows) 
  • nerfed satan (his fast sweep velocity) and flying enemies like imps,fire bats,woody pigs (only spawn in screen)
  • fixed two rare bugs

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