Update 1.7.9f

Per request add one new feature:

  • you can now turn on/off IGT (in game time) display on screen by holding attack button and pressing jump or start on any map screen
  • make more easy to remember/round time thresholds for speed bonuses (you have now few more sec per stage)
  • fixed small rare bug with boulders on 2 stage boss not breaking when crushing on fortress
  • i was asked for it from some time - there is now new secret involving chests (also added little "hint" in one stage for easier time figuring it out)
  • finally found the cause and fixed rare bug on stage 2 with bats not spawning
  • little tweak to king mode - you dont need anymore chest requirement for 2 loop (you can d now first one as fast as you want)

Ps: I mention about it in readme file but maybe i remind about it - if you want keep your highscores, hard mode unlocked when updating - just overwrite old folder or copy save folder from previous update into new one.

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