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Command heroic knight on a quest to defeat the forces of evil and save kidnapped princess . Scores of evil enemies awaits you , from zombies to gargoyles , ghosts to demons on your journey to save her. Will you survive the perils that lie in haunted land of demon world?


  • challenging levels with epic battles against huge bosses
  • collect coins , weapons and armour power-ups to aid in your quest
  • make your own playstyle with arsenal of new abilities (attack enemy's above and below, use them to traverse faster or play like a classic? - is up to you)
  • land of demons is full of hidden chest - find them

Default Controls:
(you can rebind them to pad in options menu or use joytokey)
Move - Arrows
Attack - Z
Jump - X
Dodge - C
Gesture - L shift
Start - Enter
Screenshot - F12
(on/off) Hud / Scanlines / Backlit Scnl - S / Down+S / Up+S

Update 1.7.6i

  • please check trailer description for update log and alternate way get early access to latest update/beta
  • adding high score online leaderboard to the main page below, if you can share your skill - please send your score/s here or on youtube (press screenshot button (F12) on hall of fame).

Update 1.6.0

  • lance, knife and crossbow get little buff
  • you can now recover form burning
  • thousands upon thousands new pixels (including new enemy - mudman)
  • because attack buffer works so good , added extra turning code for trigger happys
  • few enemy's gets new attacks and patterns
  • there something special for toughest knights now - a new surprise and clear rank

High Scores

  1. 2.038.000 - Bizzzar2k
  2. 1.722.550 - Takahashin
  3. 1.515.830 - BigWolf
  4. 1.287.120 - Ushijima
  5. 1.052.090 - Karakudo


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